Sunday, December 29, 2013

This must be on hard....because it is a bitch to write

Good Afternoon Everyone!

Okay, so I have decided to get a head start on my New Year's Resolution for 2014 and simply put, it is to finally create a blog with corresponding podcast for...........get ready for it.........

Video Gaming!


 I know what you are thinking, way to choose a unique topic field that isn't already over saturated with grown men who did it for a living or 14 year old's that post box openings of the newest deluxe super amazing addition of a blockbuster hit, but it is one of my biggest hobbies that I love to talk about to others.

So, obviously this is what I want to do!

It is frustrating to have so many great websites that focus on video game entertainment, but are always located in California or New York. I understand that these two states house not only technology driven cultures but the many industries that create video games.

Where is the love for the Midwest though?

Now, I know if for some amazing reason someone does come across this blog they will immediately begin to list of examples of the Midwest love that exists..and you are probably right. I don't know about it though!. It may be out there, but it always seems to be for a exclusive group where it's not promoted to the masses of regular gaming folk! Hell ,this is the first year for Indiana's first comic con (which I'm totally excited for) and GenCon keeps table top games living....but that is the exent of "mass" gaming culture that is instilled in my state.

So my journey will begin with that.

I plan on reviewing games I get, reaching out to big corporations for interview (how cool would the be), and find those events and truly see where the Midwest Gamers are going! And hell maybe even move to youtube and podcasts!

Let's take it one step at a time though!

Shwoody Out,

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