Monday, December 30, 2013

Street Cred......Does Halo 3 Rank Count?

Good Almost New Year!

Credibility Time

It seems like every blog that is out there, a person needs to throw the credibility out there onto the web to show that they know at least a little about what they are speaking about.

With that:

Here is a list of every single game I have played:

1.Super Mario Brothers (NES)
2.Punch Out (NES)
3.Seaman (DreamCast)....Don't act you aren't impressed
4.GoldenEye (N64)
5.Halo (Xbox)
6.Grand Theft Auto III (PS2)
7. Any Call of Duty except the recent two.
8.Perfect Dark (N64), Unfortunately Perfect Dark Zero as well.
9.Company of Heros (PC)
10........................................................Come on......were you really going to read all of them?

I could list and list what I have played but that isn't the credibility I care about and honestly when it comes to a hobby, no one should care about your impressive long list of games, podcasts you have been, or even the Cons you have been to.

We are gamers folks! Whether you have played for 16 years or you just picked up a controller yesterday. It is the joy, excitement, thrill, and simply urge to play on is what truly matters.

Since the day I played Super Mario Brothers with my grandfather, I instantly had the credibility to speak about video gaming. And I will never lose it because I still have that same love and joy when I'm playing Borderlands with my wife, PC with my Brother in law, and continuing friendships on Call of Duty.

So to all those gamers who may not be "Hard-Core" or speaks about gaming every minute of everyday.....don't worry.

In my mind, we all have the same cred.

Shwoody Out


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