Wednesday, January 1, 2014

This is not the blog you are looking for........unless it's an interview with Indiana Comic Con...then yes, yes it is

A Happy New Year Everyone!

Today is the first day, first step in my goal to blog about video gaming culture here in Indiana and I can not express how I excited I am of the goals and events I have planned to attend!

To begin the New Year, I wanted to have a bigger piece that I could share to all you readers out there.....sorry reader.

With that, I reached out to Indiana's first Comic Con that is coming to March ( Indiana Comic Con) to do a short interview of what we should be expecting out of Indiana's "First" Comic Con.

Now, considering I just began this blog just this last week ( or last year HA!), I wasn't expecting much of an interview from anyone (especially someone of some possible importance). Alas, I sent an email to the generic information address for Indiana Comic Con asking if I could have a short interview with someone.

A man named Stephen emailed responding with that he would be more than glad to assist me. After receiving great feedback from Stephen, I of course did the google search and was surprised to find that a Stephen does in did work for Action 3......the Co-owner (Woot!)

I know I know, I might just being going off a limb here considering my pen pal never mentions a last name, but I am plenty happy being in my bubble where I just had interview with the Co-owner of basically Indiana Comic Con. On top of that, if it is true....hats off to Stephen for taking his time on helping even the smallest bloggers!

And now onto the Interview!

1. Why was Indianapolis chosen as the next location to establish a ComicCon under Action3?

Anyway, the main reason for our choice in Indianapolis is that it’s a major city and has never had a major comic convention. I first discovered that Indianapolis had no major comic convention back in 2010 when we began Action3. After a series of successful comic conventions in Florida, we decided that we'd like to bring a similarly modeled event to another location. Indianapolis was the obvious choice for me. Also, I really enjoy the mid-west as the people are so friendly!

2. How many are you planning/expecting to attend the first year?
That’s the most popular question and the toughest one to answer. For this first Indiana Comic Con, we've been estimating 5,000 attendees on the low-end and 10,000 attendees on the high-end.

3. Will anything in particular occur to celebrate the first year in Indianapolis?
There is nothing specific celebrating the Indiana Comic Con's inaugural event. However, there are certainly things that will mark the first year such as our free convention posters and limited edition prints. Perhaps many years from now, those posters will be looked upon with fondness and great memories for the inaugural convention!
4. Are there any concerns with the Big Ten Tournament occurring the same weekend?
One of the things that I've learned in my time of putting on large events like this is that there will always be another event of "concern". Usually, they are sporting events. To be honest, I see the Big 10 as a positive for the Indiana Comic Con due to the possibility of significantly increased foot traffic from Big 10 attendees.  Indiana Comic Con exhibitors stand to gain from Big 10 attendees that are "casual" fans of what a “comic con” has to offer. Being only four blocks away means that it is close enough for those attendees to walk to the Indiana Comic Con, but also far enough so that there won’t be any parking issues.
4. What is being done to promote the Con in Indianapolis?
I can’t go into specifics of our marketing strategy—we have visited all of the Indianapolis area comic stores and they have been very gracious in accepting our convention fliers. Keep your eyes open, and you might see some Indiana Comic Con ads!

5. Has there been any other arrangements with other minor groups around Indianapolis, Like a local micro-brew or food truck?
We have been approached by local restaurants and food trucks. Due to convention center rules, we can’t do much regarding outside food/drink providers within the Indiana Comic Con itself. Hopefully we’ll have some restaurant specials and things to offer our attendees during lunch and dinner hours of the Indiana Comic Con weekend.

6. What should we as visitors be most excited about?

What to be excited about differs with each person, I suppose.  If you’re a comic book collector, be excited for a huge selection of comics from vendors, from around the country. For vintage collectors, there will quite literally be some of the highest quality comics available anywhere, at the Indiana Comic Con. Toy collectors will have a great selection to choose from as well. “Sketch hounds”, as they’re called, have a great roster of guest artists and local artists to get sketches and commissions from. Obviously, fans of Game of Thrones, X-Men or American Horror Story have a lot to be excited about as cast members from those shows and movies will be in attendance. There’s something for anyone and everyone that has any amount of nerdiness in their soul!

Pretty impressed with those answers? Because I am! I can't wait to show up on March 14th and be a part of something new in Indy and I hope you will join me to in making this another top notch event to go to!

Shwoody Out


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