Wednesday, January 22, 2014

And you thought the "Going to the Gym" Resolution was tough

Good Evening Everyone!

Well it has been over two weeks now since my last blog and I have had a huge epiphany, writing blogs and keeping a weekly schedule for writing is rather difficult.

Fortunately I have a very loving, supporting wife that has pushed me to continue my blogging and to actually keep at it!

That brings me to my topic of choice tonight; Gaming and your Spouse/Loved One/Person who is around a lot.....whatever your relationship, their is definitely several unique situations that involve your love of video games and your love with....well your loved one.

Being this a blog about Gaming in Indiana, I want to focus on the activities in Indianapolis that you and your loved can do together, because come on......what is gaming without your best friend?

1. Video Game Night: This might not actually take place outside your homestead, but it is the absolutely one of my favorite gaming activities with my wife. Grab a pizza, a two liter of soda, and a good multiplayer (Borderlands and Left 4 Dead series is by far the best for these nights). Nothing bonds a marriage like killing hordes of zombies and blasting away tiny midgets that are on fire. Game night together not only allows you share one of your favorite hobbies, but is also a chance just to have fun and relax and forget the little annoyances that may be bogging you down.

2. Board Game Night: Again this may be at your home but can definitely be at a friends house or even a local comic store that provides gaming rooms. Plan a night (as a right now we do a bi-weekly rotation) where we grab dinner and play a board/table top game with my brother in law and his fiancee. This is a great time where we can enjoy an evening of backstabbing and competitiveness......that usually accompanies a few beers. Not only do we enjoy playing these game by ourselves but with others as well, it really allows time where we all share how/what life has been up to.

3. Arcade Night at Dave and Busters :Granted we have only done this one night together, but quite frankly it was a fantastic night that involved hours of simulation games. Although the unlimited simulation games were fun, we both missed playing the classic ticket games. Also, the perception from advertisement makes you really believe it is just a place for adults......spoiler, this is not true, so ready yourself for some game hogging kids.

4. Cons: Now, I still consider my self very much new to Cons, but my first Con was in Chicago last year and my lovely wife actually went along with me. It was amazing. Simply Amazing. We were able to see celebrities we both love, got a photo with Wil Wheaton, and even met astounding artists. This is one category that I hope to continue to do with my wife considering this year we have two new Cons in Indianapolis and the continuation of Gen Con gives plenty to look forward to!

I know I only wrote about four activities that you and your loved one can do together, but please share any other ideas @ShwoodyLove and I look forward to see what activities I might not even know about!

Also please enjoy this amazing photo of my wife at Chicago Comic Con and share your favorite pictures with your loved one!


Until next time Indy!



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