Saturday, February 22, 2014

And the Countdown Begins!

Can you believe it? Almost three weeks away until the Con season begins in the Circle City!

And first up........


I always am super excited when it gets down to the wire, not just because the event is almost here but for the convention updates! What a feeling when you check the webpage to find events instead of a "Coming Soon" text. Finally, you can begin to plan the days and get amped about the exciting times ahead!

Originally, I planned to attend the First day of the Con (Friday), but I have changed my initial mindset  and believe I'm going to attended Saturday solely on the lineup and opportunities that will be available that day!

I have three panesl I definitely plan on attending:

1. Masie Williams: I can not wait to attended this panel. We not only get to see a star of the show, but to see a character that hopefully can answer questions so close to the new season!

2.Super Hero Story Time: This looks to be a very cool panel. Especially after reading a story earlier this year about Marvel.

3.Indy Podcasting Panel: This is one I will not miss! As a new comer to blogging and hopes to move to podcasting/youtube, I want to gain any knowledge and tips on sharing to the masses!

And of course, I will be busy visiting awesome vendors, playing games, and meeting artists to fill in the day!

What is everyone else looking forward to? Let me know what you are most excited about through comments or even tweeting @ShwoodyLove

Until Next time Indy!


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