Monday, March 10, 2014

Indiana Comic Con: Preview

Good Evening Indy,

With the convention beginning this Friday, I wanted to do a preview of the convention. Let’s begin with the concerns I have seen so far!

Ticketing: Cost for one day and three day passes are relatively cheap for a convention, unfortunately with Ticketmaster Fees and other processing fees, a one day ticket will cost you almost 32 dollars instead of the 20! The convention organizers have already admitted that this is a fault and plans on going with another ticket provider in 2015.

Considering the issue with fees, I thought I might just want to purchase at box office to bypass the fees, unfortunately the convention organizers posted that only a finite amount of tickets would be available at the box office each day. Saturday they will open at 8:15 AM, almost two hours before doors will open, to begin box office sales. This means you better show up early. With this happening I feel like I’m being forced to purchase my tickets ahead of time and get stuck with the fees. 

Social Media: To me this was a huge miss on the convention’s part. All year long you might have noticed that Fackbook is starting to lose followers (according to News Agencies)….so please tell me why your biggest means of spreading information is on Facebook? Twitter is being extremely underutilized for announcements, and I have to say the webpage is a bit cheesy! 

Spider Man dancing with the Colt’s Cheerleaders? That’s all I can say.

Even though Facebook is the main media for information, they are using right. Constantly updating the page with new guests and events that are planned.

Time Event: This is one that could go either way. The Big Ten tournament (A Indiana Classic) will be taking place this weekend as well. This causes a large shortage of hotel rooms for out of state guests and a lack of parking (with higher prices). At the same time, interested fans could boost sales and increase audience size!

Now lets talk about those positives!

Excitement Factor: This is Indiana’s first Comic Con. They are setting the bar for all other conventions that are comic/entertainment based here in Indy. This brings a sense of excitement that is just to hard to crush. Seriously, I have been waiting for this weekend for some time (Pretty sure my wife is ready for it to be over). 
Lineup: This is a new Con, and for being a new con the lineup is impressive.  With Evan Peters,  Caity Lotz, Maisie Williams, Daniel Cudmore and tons of great artists I can easily say that this lineup proves credibility of the Con. What is great about growing conventions is that every year more guests will come and more fun for all! And I think Indiana Comic Con is on the right track.

Panels: At most large Cons across the Midwest, panels are usually celebrities talking about the tv shows/ movies they have appeared in or are currently working on. Besides this, you get a hit or miss scenario of panels. Indiana Comic Con though has a wide array of panels with many interesting topics that I am extremely excited for.  Two to really keep your on eyes on for Saturday are Superhero Story Time and Indy Podcasting!

What are your concerns about the Con this weekend? Please share thoughts in the Comment section or @Shwoodylove

Look forward to a full review of the Con on Sunday after I attend where I will update what I find about my concerns and positives!

Until next time Indy!

Kyle @Shwoodylove

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