Wednesday, March 19, 2014

"That's not a bomb is it? Anthrax? Ovaltine?"

Good Evening Readers and Happy Hump Day!

I have finally decided on a schedule for posting "Series" of posts to really push myself on being consistent instead of random posts coming here and there.

With that being said........DRUM ROLL PLEASE.......


I'm a avid watcher youtube videos. The simplicity of watching a short video that can teach you, make you laugh, cry, donate money, and even inspire!

There is a huge market of web series out on the web and someone needs to sift through the mountain of possibilities to share and review!

Billy and Brandon Watch Movies:

To begin the series, I wanted to share a new webseries that launched their youtube channel less than a week ago but already has eight episodes for you to enjoy (and a well crafted website). I met the duo at ICC, even though it was only a brief moment, Brandon's excitement and humor while explaining the series was enough to make me watch the series.

Concept of series: The concept alone should draw in viewers. Every episode follows the duo during their day to day to life, the catch? Their day is influenced by what movie they had just previously watched. This spin on normal life to reflect movies makes for humorous situations with puppets, bad hair wigs, and a poor man's cos play outfit.

One liners: You will notice many one liners or just plain good scenes that will definitely make you laugh out loud. The opening scene of the Muppet's episode and Kick-Ass episode are quite possibly two of my favorites scenes of the series, "Why can't we be partners? Because you are whiny little Bitch!"

Video: The video is of high quality and can easily be seen that the editing of the video was not hodgepodge together in a cheap software. I also wanted to note the special effects of the Kick-ass episode when Brandon does his daily journal. This is huge for me because a poor quality, pixelated video drives me crazy!

The series has a lot going for it. With a good script, good quality, and a endless on-going concept (unless they do absolutely every movie), it's hard to be negative towards the series. I must mention a few areas of improvement that I would like to see or have seen through the series.

1. The sound quality and editing during the first few episodes is a little poor. There are issues with sound between screen transitions, even if it's just a simple switch between two people in the same room. By the end of the season, the editing of sound improves greatly and doesn't take away from the scenes as much. I would like to still see sound improve, but it's just the beginning! I care more about the concept and if it makes me laugh!

2.Comedic Timing is another area you might notice that the duo lacks at times. Some scenes Billy and Brandon hit it dead on but other times there is just an awkward sense (Muppet scene in Jeff's office...especially when you can see the sounds mics) that definitely lowers the enjoyment of a scene. This is hit and miss though and I feel that the duo will improve as the series goes on and a level of comfort of doing the series increase.

Overall I really have enjoyed watching the series and look forward to future episodes! I would for the series to begin doing not only current movies, but even some cult classics! Let's see an episode of Breakfast club or maybe Tommy boy. I think this would be an awesome direction to do movies that have duos as well!

What are your thoughts of the series? What's a web series are you enjoying?

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