Friday, April 4, 2014

Web Series Wednesday.....better late than never?

Good Evening All!

After a wonderful week in Florida, I'm glad to be back in the routine and ready to get on track with the blog!

This week's Web Series Wednesday isn't necessarily a review by any sorts but more a public service announcement on a type of web series that I enjoy daily while at work....PODCASTS!

Podcasts can easily turn a boring day of shuffle on your Iphone to an hour of enjoyment where you can laugh and learn something......sometimes.

So Tonight I wanted to mention not only the the big name podcasts that I enjoy but the also the local podcasts here in Indiana who are just amazing as well!

1. IGN' GameScoop (Knockin' Boots):
This is a hard to beat podcast especially with a great crew that is constantly rotating besides the hilarious Greg Miller and Damen Hatfield. The podcast focuses on weekly stories in the Video gaming industry as well as general chitchat. The GameScoop podcast is great for hearing the latest in developments of games and announcements, but it's the podcast's alter ego that takes it to the next level. Although the Knockin' Boots podcast currently is not being recorded anymore, all the past episodes are available. These episodes are not for kids by any means. With a large supply of alcohol and an inbox of emails from young lovers around the globe, the group struggles to answer questions about Video Gamers's in love. Be ready for big laughs and moments of shock even.

2.ChatterBox Radio:
Although not necessarily a podcast until 2012, the duo of Alon and Ara every week meet up every Tuesday night at 6PM....or 9PM here in Indiana to have deep discussion on everything gaming. The two occasionally have guests that have either worked on video gaming projects or just avid fans on the topic. This is the podcast for you if you definitely love good debate and are eager to learn a fact of two.

3.The Dice Tower:
This a podcast that is out of my norm. I am first a Video Gamer, I am just naturally better at picking up a controller and going. This past year though, my brother in law has really immersed me into the world of table top gaming. Since then, I continue to listen to Dice Tower for not only the fun chit chat between Tom and Eric but to learn the latest news in the industry. Great way of hearing about new games as well!

The Last two are new to me and are locally broadcasted here in Indiana.

1. Crit Confirm: I first have to say thanks to Tony Trexell @IndianaGeeking for showing the twitter world such an awesome group of people. This is just a fun group of people who I have really enjoyed listening too this past week. When listening, I can imagine a good group of friends who meet up to talk about what they love, and you can seriously feel that every episode. By far the episode of Future of Gaming is my favorite, especially the discussion of obesity and the treadmill full immersion. I hope they continue to bring more content forward and can't wait to meet the group in person!

2.The Established Facts: Another local group who I just found this past week, but unlike Crit Confirm, they do have a large backlog of past episodes for you to enjoy. I have to compare this group to Chatterbox Radio, they aren't pod casting to just have fun or goof around....which they do....but they are doing it to create quality discussion about today's gaming culture.

I still have plenty hours of listening to these two podcasts, but luckly I have 40 hours a week to do so!

What podcasts do you enjoy listening? I'm always looking for new content to enjoy listening to, please share @ShwoodyLove

Until next time Indy!

PS-Please also visit  to help support Crit Confirm. Although they have hit the goal for Indy Pop Con, they like everyone else can always use an upgrade on equipment and possible free swag!!!


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