Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Web Series Wednesday: Chris Sanders (Motivational Nerd)

Good Evening Readers!

Welcome to another addition of Web Series Wednesdays!

I wanted to cover a series that not only encourages me on my blogging adventure, but a series that I have seen inspire and helped many young "geeks".

His name is Chris Sanders.

It began roughly four years ago when I was attending a close friends wedding but only knew a handful a people (many who were in the wedding party). At my table at the reception, I knew absolutely no one .....I was screwed.

Fortunately Chris was at my table and a night of potentially awkward conversations turned into a evening of conversations that spanned video gaming to movies. As in all one time meetings, we facebooked each other (that's what cool kids do at least).

Since then, I have watched Chris's you tube channel grow over the years. In less than four years, Chris has gained 24,000 subscribers and hit a milestone where he can travel to conventions and even be paid for his you tube contributions

It is not about the fame and money though. Chris is a self proclaimed Nerd who continues to play Pokemon as an adult, speaks his mind on what he believes in, and produces motivational videos that truly effect viewers. Chris has even called out PETA on the matter of harassing the Pokemon brand. His series is one that can make you laugh, learn a few things, but most of all make you understand that there are people out there that is just like you.

At the beginning of 2014, I began my blog in hopes that I can not only speak my mind about topics I love, but to truly immerse myself in the "Geek" culture by attending Cons, making new acquaintances at events that are out of my safety bubble, and venturing in new areas (I think I have only read one or two comics?).

Chris was one of the inspirations to do this (my wife being the biggest inspiration). Although I actually haven't spoken to Chris since the wedding, he has definitely impacted my dreams and goals.

If you have never watched any of his videos, jump on over to his channel and let me know what you think!

Now to tie the lose ends:

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A new brewery has opened in Greenwood....and of course it's named Planetary Brewing. Anyone up for a drink?


Next week I hope you all enjoy my first video! Myself, Wife, and Best Friend Cat will be doing a How to will be fantastic!

Until next time!


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