Saturday, April 5, 2014

Go Fund Me Campaign: Ron

As promised, I am now writing a blog post about the person(How we met) who has contributed to my campaign for a new computer or to write about a certain topic of their choosing!

Today's Post:


I have know Ron for roughly two years now and our story of meeting is one that I enjoy telling even though at times it can fill me with sorrow.

After my father passed away in early 2011, I felt lost and upset about losing the man who I respected and who still had a plentiful to teach me about life and the whirlwinds it can toss you through.

I was fortunate enough to find my first job out of college back in my home town where I could stop in to say hi to Mom after work. The months that passed brought our family closer, but even I knew that a time would come when she would find someone that has been through the the same struggles and to have that companionship back. Of course my wife and I were eager to help her out in anyway we could. Took the photos for her online profile and even escorted to her first date. I was so torn of whether or not I should be upset or happy about this new comer.

Now it's an easy choice.

Ron is now a part of family. He is a man a honor, love for family, and a husband that has grieved. He has been instrumental in encouraging my mother in living life to the fullest and having a good time at it. He is a man I respect. A man who gives to others in need (even on Thanksgiving Day), a man who has everlasting faith and hope, and someone who will debate you about politics till the cows come home.

To Ron, who not only has helped me in my small fundraiser, but to helping my family heal and honor my father.


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